Why Rent?

For the first time in our lifetime, and in certain situations, it makes more financial sense to rent than to buy. Many homeowners have found that their homes are harder to sell in this market, but want to move into another home. Some have found that renting your home on your own is more of a risky and complicated process when you go at it alone.  Talk to us, you may find that renting, through us, is the perfect solution for you.  We have a qualifying process that puts you in full control.  

Why Lease Options?

For Tenants:

  • Home Ownership:
    Since you are under contract jointly with the owner, both your interests are entertained and represented.

  • Privilege:
    You get the opportunity to live in the house you are going to buy while you qualify to buy it. Live in it today, buy it tomorrow.

  • Generous Rent Credit: 
    A generous rent credit is applied monthly, and added to the downpayment.  This helps you better qualify for a loan when the lease is up. Call us for additional details.

  • Locked in home price:
    For the length of your term, the house price is locked in. Any equity belongs to you when you take full ownership!

For Sellers:

  • Peace of Mind:
    You have an "owner" in your house and not a renter. They take care of the house like it's their own...because it will be!

  • Mortgage Paid:
    Mortgage note is being paid every month, and in some cases, with a positive cash flow.

  • No Maintenance:
    Tenant only calls you for major problems, not for maintenance and general upkeep.

  • Your Terms:
    You structure the contract, inputting any addendums. You set the terms of the agreement, terms of payment, making the lease agreement accommodating for each of you.  You can even construct the lease option agreement for 3 years + into the future, when home values are expected back up again.  Property manage your own house and save.  You are in full control!


...And Property Listings?

We offer a full listing database where homes are listed, viewed, and added daily. New homes sometimes added several times per day. List your home with us, and we include with your one time listing fee both a collage of your submitted pictures and a panoramic video, as well as being a featured listing on our site, or you may opt for yards signs only.  Call us today!